Build Your Own Eco-friendly Water Soaker Garden Irrigation System – Conserve Water

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You looked at installing a underground sprinkler system on your property. And then stopped short when you realized the thousands of dollars it would cost! How could plastic pipe and sprinkler heads cost so much? Here is a lasting inexpensive water irrigation system that is near maintenance free and will have your neighbors wondering why they never see you watering your garden and plants. You can claim yours to be an environmentally friendly garden soaker system (or water drip system), using the minimum amount of water to sustain your plants and shrubs.Get the water as close to the plant roots as possible. Using less water is important to our global environment.Communities now encourage water soaker systems instead of sprinkler systems. Water applied near the ground will mostly be absorbed into the earth where it is needed by the plant and grass roots. Water sprayed above the plants and grass lands on the leaves and flowers before dripping to the ground. This longer exposure to the air will cause much of the sprayed or sprinkled water to evaporate into the hot summer air.More than ever now communities control the watering of lawns and gardens during the summer months. Sometimes you are restricted to garden watering only – not lawns. An automatic water timer system combined with a soaker hose system makes plenty of sense in reducing the amount of water dispensed to water your garden plants and shrubs. So how can I make an effective soaker system for my garden for under $500?With some off-the-shelf components, you can have a simple but elegant soaker system that with be automatic and near maintenance free. With a simple water timer system, Y-connectors, faucet multipliers, some 1 1/2″ abs pipe, quality 1/2″ garden hose and your choice of soaker hoses or irrigation hoses for potted or hanging plants, border gardens, row gardens or (dare I say) even lawn sprinklers. You now have the elements for a simple soaker irrigation system for your garden. This do-it-yourself automatic water irrigation system will ensure you water plants at the best time every day; specifically, early morning and late afternoon. As an added home security feature, when you are away from home your garden will sustain its beauty and make it look like someone is at home.Here is the material list required for your automatic garden soaker system. (Note: there is a complete Picasa image gallery of all the required components of this inexpensive soaker system at ):1) Select your water timer I selected Orbit from Home Depot. Make sure it has a battery timer so power outages won’t alter your scheduled watering times. It should allow for at least 3 watering zones.2) Select your main faucet multiplier (or Valve splitter) that will attach to your outside water faucet and can accommodate the 3-4 water zones plus a spare to allow for regular garden hose watering. You can secure these special faucet multipliers from garden centers or at Lee Valley Tools. 3) Enough 1 1/2″ ABS pipe (and glue) and 22.5 degree elbows to run underground (6″ – 10″ depth). Use the 22.5 degree elbows only to allow for easy insertion of the garden hose into the ABS pipe. You can cut further costs by burying the garden hoses directly underground. The ABS piping does provide added protection from accidental puncture from aerators, pitch forks and other garden tools. This ABS pipe can also serve double duty to run low voltage wire or speaker wire to the remote areas of your garden.4) Enough quality garden hoses to run through the ABS pipe and connect to the soaker hoses in all your garden beds.5) Soaker hoses for all your garden beds.6) Enough Faucet multipliers (Valve splitters) to extend each watering zone with soaker hose as required.Creating your automatic garden soaker system involves more of a landscaping effort than anything else. Here are 3 steps to completing your eco-friendly automatic garden soaker system (Note: refer to the Picasa image gallery for details of component assembly):1) Bury the ABS pipe feeding the garden hose through it as you connect and glue the pipe sections. Bury the pipe 6″-10″ under your lawn or sidewalk. Have both ends extend out of the ground using the 22.5 degrees elbows so that the stiff hose can still be easily pulled through the pipe.2) Connect the soaker hoses to the ends of the garden hoses and weave the soaker hoses through your garden under plants and around shrubs. Follow the installation instructions of the soaker hose manufacturer.3) Install the water timer and water zone valves on the faucet multiplier. Connect the hoses for each zone. Follow the installation instructions of the water timer manufacturer. Do not set the water time for each zone more than 20 minutes each. Set two water times early morning (around 6 am) and late afternoon (around 7 pm).Maintenance of your Irrigation System and Preparation for Freezing Winter Temperatures:1) Disconnect the [zone] hoses at the main faucet where the Water Timer is located. 2) Using a Shop Wet Vac, suck the excess water from each zone hose. Use electrical tape to secure the vacuum pipe against the end of the hose. Turn on the wet vac and let it run for 10-15 minutes. Empty the water extracted before repeating this for each hose at the main faucet. You will extract enough water from the hoses so as not to incur any winter damage to your hoses from freezing water.3) Tape a plastic bag over the ends of each of the [zone] hoses. This will prevent little critters from getting in the hoses and clogging them when you reconnect the system in the spring.4) Remove the water timer and faucet multiplier. Store them in a warm place where they will not freeze.5) Note: you DO NOT need to disconnect and remove the soaker hoses. They should last 4-6 years before you need to replace them. Check the soaker hoses each spring for holes. You can patch these holes with high-friction Silicone tape. You may also leave outdoors all-year-round any valve splitters that were used to increase the soaker hoses in a particular water zone.You now have an inexpensive water soaker system that won’t break the bank. You have saved thousands of dollars and can boast of being a friend to our environment. You clearly are doing your part for water conservation and the ecology. Nice going!

Weather Keep A Close Eye On Frost Conditions In Your Area

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Frost is the condition that occurs when temperatures reach a low enough level to turn moisture into ice. Usually you will hear the term frost more so when the overnight dew that gets formed on your front lawn or on your car freezes.

If you do not live in an area affected by temperatures that drop near or below thirty-two degrees then you probably never experienced frost conditions. For those of us that live in areas where you can get frost then you know every well how aggravating it can be sometimes.

You get up early in the morning, go out to your car, put the key into the ignition, turn the car on and you are ready to leave, except the fact that the dew froze overnight and now you have frost on your windows. You cant see out of them therefore you get out the trusty old ice scraper and start chiseling away at the stuff so you can get on your way.

As annoying as frost can be for your early morning commute it can be devastating to your crops if you are a gardener, especially if you grow vegetables that require stable, warmer temperatures like cucumbers, or peppers.

Frost conditions can literally wipe out your entire garden in a matter of minutes. But there is hope, well for us gardeners anyway; you will still have to scrape away at those windows if you want to drive your car.

The United States Department of Agriculture has a great website (just do a Google search on the name United States Department of Agriculture) that gives you detailed frost maps of the entire country. These maps can tell you when your area will be hit with the first frost of the season and of course the last frost of the season.

If you are an avid gardener such as me, you can use these maps and this information to time your garden just right so that when your plants go into the ground there will be very little chance they get hit with frost. I say very little because you never can fully predict weather conditions. I will take the final frost date for my area and add a week or two to just to make sure. That still gives me plenty of time to have a great garden.

Whether its your earlier morning drive or making sure the vegetables in your garden do not get wiped out you should be keeping an eye on the frost conditions in your are. By monitoring the conditions you can be well prepared to handle frost when it occurs.

Ces Tondeuses Gazon Robomow Qui Font Rimer Efficacit Avec Scurit

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Les statistiques amricaines montrent quun nombre alarmant de personnes se blessent gravement avec leur tondeuse : plus de 80 000 personnes par an. Si on se base sur le nombre de tondeuses sur le march, cest presque une blessure et demie pour 1 000 tondeuses, un chiffre qui augmente pour ce qui est des tondeuses autoportes. La vrit est quon ne peut toutefois pas se passer de tondeuses, mais toutes les tondeuses ne sont pas dangereuses.

Robomow est une tondeuse robotise et automatise qui offre une vaste gamme de fonctions de scurit spcialement conues et testes dans le but de rduire le risque de blessure. Lune de ces fonctions est lajout de pare-chocs quips de capteurs hautement sensibles. Grce l’utilisation de la technologie de proximit laser, Robomow peut dtecter des personnes ou des objets proches et, si besoin est, s’arrter pour assurer la scurit. Si une personne touche la tondeuse pendant son fonctionnement, les lames sarrteront de tourner, liminant ainsi toute possibilit de contact entre la personne et les lames puissantes.

En plus des pare-chocs quips de capteurs, Robomow possde galement un systme de dtection dinclinaison et d’lvation. Tous les mouvements imprvisibles ne sont pas causs par des personnes. Parfois, un sol dnivel ou des objets dans la pelouse peuvent faire dangereusement pencher votre tondeuse, exposant ainsi les lames ou projetant des objets depuis le dessous de la tondeuse. Si la tondeuse Robomow penche au-dessus des angles prrgls, une procdure darrt durgence se dclenche, arrtant les lames en moins de deux secondes. Cela vous permet danalyser la situation de manire efficace et dliminer le risque avant que la tonte ne reprenne.

Il ne faut pas ignorer le fait que les enfants sont curieux et quils pourraient tre attirs pour le tout nouvel outil de jardin. C’est pourquoi Robomow possde un verrou de scurit enfant, empchant les jeunes enfants de faire tourner accidentellement les lames. Plus important, le fonctionnement mains-libres de Robomow par rapport l’intrt des enfants. La pelouse sera tondue efficacement sans que personne n’ait toucher la tondeuse !

Cest dans llimination de linteraction humaine que Robomow impressionne le plus. Grce lautomatisation du processus de tonte, vous n’aurez pas besoin de vous approcher de la tondeuse. La pelouse pourrait tre mme tondue pendant votre absence. En dpit des nombreuses options de scurit dont une vaste gamme de tondeuses sont pourvues, lerreur humaine et les utilisations inappropries sont toujours possibles. Llimination de linteraction humaine est une option de scurit inhrente la conception de Robomow : les nombreuses options de scurit supplmentaires ajoutent simplement une seconde couche de scurit pour les circonstances imprvues.

Pendant le processus de fabrication de Robomow, chacune de ces fonctions de scurit sera soigneusement teste selon des normes strictes avant son dpart de lusine. Les fonctions seront ensuite contrles en interne par Robomow avant chaque utilisation, ce qui garantira un processus de tonte sr, chaque fois.

L’historique des blessures avec Robomow compar aux statistiques gnralises susmentionnes prouve sa scurit. Sur les 80 000 blessures provoques par des tondeuses rapportes aux tats-Unis, aucune delles na t cause par une tondeuse Robomow. Sur une priode de plus de dix ans, les tondeuses robotises sont connues pour n’avoir inflig que peu de blessures.

Quelque soit la tondeuse, dautres lments dangereux feront leur apparition, tout simplement parce que nous devrons toujours tondre notre pelouse. Les lames aiguises et leur vitesse de rotation seront toujours prsentes, seulement quelques centimtres de nos mains et pieds. Heureusement, grce lavance de la domotique et des options de scurit uniques, les risques ventuels lis lutilisation de la tondeuse ne deviennent pas ncessairement une ralit.

Robomow est une tondeuse entirement automatise utilisant une technologie de pointe et qui coupe votre pelouse une hauteur optimale et recharge galement sa batterie intgre. La tondeuse utilise un algorithme de couverture de zone avanc, lui permettant de tondre plusieurs sections de pelouse de manire gale et ce, dans diffrentes directions. En plus de sa capacit de tonte, Robomow introduit le processus d’herbicyclage, en laissant derrire elle une fine couche dherbe coupe qui nourrit activement le sol, crant ainsi une pelouse clatante et luxuriante sans efforts.

Things that You Need to Consider When Buying Gardens Sheds.

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It is natural to get anxious when you start noticing your things such as lawn equipment and holiday decorations piled up in the house or your garage because you lack enough room for storage. The best solution is to purchase a garden shed, but remember there are various things you need to consider before carrying out any purchase. They include the following.

1. The volume of the shed.
It might be ideal to get the largest garden shed available because you can never run out of things to store. However, your backyards size and the amount you are willing to part with are the true determinants of the size of the garden shed you can obtain.

2. Garden shed designs.
Whichever material kit you purchase, you will have to select from a variety of designs. Having your taste in mind and the design of your building will help in the choice you make.

3. The placement.
The best spot is the one closest to your house especially if you want to use it as your workshop. Other factors that come to play include the suns position and a dry, free drainage area with easy door entry. You can place the shed under a tree or next to a taller building, away from direct sunlight and remember to leave room for the easy opening and shutting of the sheds door.

4.Building codes.
Typically, garden sheds do not require building permits if the floor area is below 10 meters square and not exceeding the sheds height boundary. If you happen to exceed these limitations, you will be required to register for a building permit.

5. Understructure and flooring.
After identifying the placement location for your garden shed, the next thing is to contemplate where its going to be set. There are various selections of the base such as concrete slab, pavers placed on top of a leveled sand bed or concrete blocks and wooden struts placed on top of flattened gravel or steel foundation. It is important that your garden shed is fastened to a firm, even foundation to avert the frame from bending and warping. Also, the higher it is from the ground, the more secure it is from rain water.

6. Preservation.
Ensure the shed you purchase is long lasting. You can impede soil dampness from rising into the shed via the floor by fixing vapor barriers beneath your foundation and polythene sheeting is the perfect material for this.

7. Materials.
It all comes down to your personal preferences and what you intend to use the garden shed for. Theres a variety of garden sheds made from different materials such as timber, metal and plastic. You just have to select the one that best suits your requirements.

8. Price and quality.
The best quality sheds are often costly therefore if you are ready to part with whatever amount of cash in order to acquire the best quality shed then go for it.

Your surrounding is important when selecting your ideal garden shed. Garden sheds are not simply functional items. Aside from their utility, the outdoor appearance of garden sheds influences the general appearance of your home. Therefore, the design of the shed should complement your home.

10. The garden shed use.
What you plan to use the garden shed for is also important to selecting your preferred garden shed. Some sheds have dual doors ideal for storing bulky items such as lawn mowers. Also consider the height if you are planning to incorporate shelves on the interior.

Garden sheds are great for creating extra space to store all your equipment and facilities. But before you purchase one think of all the above factors so that you select a garden shed that meets your entire requirements.

Best Audiobooks To Supercharge Your Mind, Memory & Motivation

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How would you like to you take decisions like a top CEO and brush obstacles aside like a rampaging T-Rex? Or, on a more down to earth note work faster, with greater clarity of vision. Break down and solve problems more quickly than usual and feel really positive and in control of your life and destiny?

“Ah yes” you say, “happens to me once or twice a month”. A shame it happens so rarely. It need not be like that though, and here’s why:

Fact 1 – This is how movers and shakers feel most of the time.

Fact 2 It is JUST a state of mind.

Fact 3 You can use audiobooks to give your mind a “work out” & create this state of mind “on demand”.

There are many downloadable audio books on the whole success and motivation subject though, and this can make knowing what one(s) to get hard.

So in this article we’ll break things down to make it easy for you to get going.

Sections –

1) Supercharged Mind – Defined

2) 3 Important facts about the “Supercharged state”

3) How “Brain” workout audiobooks will help you

4) My top 10 audiobooks to give you the best bang/buzz for your buck!

**Supercharged Mind – Defined**

You’ve probably had times when you feel supercharged, when you feel like you can do and achieve anything. When -

1) Everything around you seems to take on extra crisp clarity.

2) You can do things at higher speed and act more decisively than usual.

3) You feel that anything is achievable and that the world can, and will be at your feet!

4) If you’re selling something you’ve got extra buzz and motivation and sell way better than “usual”

It’s essentially a “performance enhanced” state of mind but you’re going to use audio books rather than dodgy substances to get it!

** 3 Important facts about the “Supercharged state”**

1) Successful people have this mindset and can turn it on and off on demand.

2) You don’t have to be supercharged all the time. You can & should turn off or else you’ll likely burn out!

3) You can condition your brain with audiobooks to get into this supercharged state.

As I say you don’t need to be charged up all the time. For example:

If you can go from 0% of your working day “in zone” to 20% of your day you can add way more than 20% in results – if you apply yourself right.

For example: When “fully charged”
In sales – Do your new business calls.
Marketing or writing Do your creative work.
Anything Tackle the hard and important tasks that have greatest reward potential.

When you’re back in “situation normal” then do your admin and boring internal emails.

** How Brain Workout Audiobooks can help you **

Easier said that done you may say. How do I supercharge on demand?

Well, the most common way is by reading motivational/success books or going to seminars.

Both of these are fine but have limitations:
Books Time, especially if you have family or are working flat out and drive-commute.
Seminars Time again but also cost and the charge drains off quickly afterwards.

Enter the audiobook:
Audio books negate the time and cost problems.
You can force charge your mind (push it in) as oppsoed to physically “eye-read” (drag it in)
Have those supercharged seminar speakers in your head Anytime, at the press of a button.

For example, you can listen to audiobooks while:
Driving or on the train
Relaxing in the dark
Cleaning the car
Dog walking
Jogging, working out etc

Oh yes, it’s essential to be around positive people as much as possible too. Negative people are like charge draining vampires. They’ll pull you down with them if you give them a chance. They want you to be as depressed as they are there’s comfort in hanging with other losers after all!

Best stop now I sound like one of the audio books (and it’s their job to teach you about this stuff)

** My top 10 download audiobooks for mind supercharging **

My advice is to have a good look about and choose 2 or 3 solid audiobooks to start with.

Don’t be limited by my choices though. Explore. It’s a new world out there and it’s waiting for you to come along and give it a damn good spanking!

1. Glenn Harrold’s Ultimate Guide to Building Your Motivation. Author: Glenn Harrold Publisher: BBC Audiobooks.

2. Awaken the Giant Within. Author: Anthony Robbins. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio.

3. Glenn Harrold’s Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Your Goals & Dreams. Author: Glenn Harrold. Publisher: BBC Audiobooks.

4. Unlimited Power. Author: Anthony Robbins. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio.

5. How to Win Friends & Influence People. Author: Dale Carnegie. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio.

6. Giant Steps. Author: Anthony Robbins. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio.

7. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. Author: Susan Jeffers. Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Audiobooks.

8. Slow Downand Get More Done. Author: Marshall J Cook. Publisher: Listen & Live.

9. Why We Want You To Be Rich. Authors: Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki. Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

10. Get Up and Do It! Publisher: BBC Audiobooks.

Oh, and a last minute entry…I couldn’t stop myself but didn’t want to push any others out for:

11. What Would Machiavelli Do? Author: Stanley Bing. Publisher: Harper Collins US.

All of these audio books can be downloaded from online audio book stores and played on your PC, Mac, mp3 player, ipod or burned onto a CDR.

Any of these audiobooks will make a great first go, so check them out and go for it Do NOT procrastinate or you won’t even get out of the starting blocks!

Benefits of Hydroponics with gardening

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Hydroponic gardening is method that many people do not thing about. It used to be thought of as something that the general public could not partake in. With todays advances in technology, hydroponics has gained many strides to becoming more mainstream. Hydroponics brings many benefits to gardening compared to traditional gardening methods. From using little resources to cultivating better tasting food, hydroponics is a smart route to go.

One of the most useful benefits of hydroponics is the space used. Since hydroponics does not involve the use of soil, it requires only a small amount space to grow plants. This allows people to grow great gardens inside. By growing inside, you are also capable to grow and harvest plants all year round.

Without the need for soil, you don’t have to worry about weeding or digging. This minimizes the time required to care for the plants. Also, the majority of pests in the soil are not there so chemicals are not needed for the plants. For someone looking for a more organic product, hydroponics makes it easier.

Another benefit of hydroponics is that plants will yield a bigger crop. Hydroponics uses a nutrient rich solution to grow the plants in. This higher concentration allows the plants grow quicker and larger. It is possible to get 2 to 3 times the amount of fruit from plants grown with hydroponics compared to one that is traditionally grown.

Conservation is a huge benefit with hydroponics. Hydroponics uses only a small amount of water since nothing goes to waste. All the water and nutrients go directly to the plants. Also, since the plants grow in a completely closed system, all the water used is reused and recycled. Using less water is a massive benefit especially when water as a resource is becoming scarcer.

Probably the best benefit of hydroponics is that the things that are grown have a better flavor. Since pesticides are not needed, the plants are healthier. The controlled environment of hydroponics also allows for healthier plants. All of these factors create food that is far tastier than their conventionally grown counterparts.

Dermatitis Problems In Landscape Gardening

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Like other occupations, landscape gardening has its share of work-related skin problems. The most prevalent is dermatitis on the hands. This is understandable as the hands are perhaps the landscape gardeners most important, and most used, tools of the trade. Fortunately, an easy to follow skin care routine can greatly reduce, or even alleviate completely, this problem.

Dermatitis is a general blanket term used to cover a variety of skin inflammation, rashes and soreness outbreaks. As a generic condition, it does not have a single cause. Rather, it can result from contact with allergens, be due to an inappropriate hygiene routine, stem from an inadequate diet, or even be linked to a person’s hereditary makeup.

The foundation of any good garden is the soil. The landscape gardener will build upon this foundation and adorn with plants, low-level walls, paving areas and an assortment of other decorative features.

Unfortunately, the main component, soil, is not conducive to healthy skin. When combined with shifting heavy goods around the plot and handling various plants, the dirt and grime encountered during a normal day’s work can become ingrained – this is particularly prone in the vicinity of the hands and fingernails.

Ingrained grime not only looks unattractive, but it can lead to dry skin. Over time, this can result in chapped hands and cracked or inflamed skin.

The temptation will be to wash with harsh soap, or even scrub with a brush. This may remove every last trace of dirt, but it will also likely remove the surface lipids that are vital for maintaining your skin’s correct moisture levels.

Moisturise and protect. This is excellent advice not only for plants but the landscaper gardener as well.

Just as plants need nurturing and protection so does a landscape gardener’s skin.

First, choose a mild soap or cleansing lotion, free from chemical additives. Use cool, not hot, water. Dry by blotting the skin with a soft, cotton rich towel rather than by rubbing.

Adopting this hygiene routine will allow you to clean without further damaging the skin.

Next, using a moisturiser will keep the hands supple and healthy. In addition, barrier cream protection will help minimise contact with irritants and allergens. Ideally, using a product that encompasses both will provide an effective skin care routine for all those who regularly work in and around the garden.

The cream selected should not contain any fragrance as any unnecessary additives can sometimes produce an allergic reaction. This will rule out many cosmetic moisturising creams. You should also be aware that, any cream that leaves the skin feeling oily or greasy is also likely leaving a layer on the hands that can act as a harbour for further dirt contamination. The best barrier creams do not prevent the skin from breathing naturally. Once applied, barrier creams should also provide protection, even after washing the hands.

Finally, reduce skin friction on the hands by wearing freshly cleaned gloves for any heavy duty work. However, whilst gloves offer excellent short-term protection, avoid wearing them for prolonged periods as they can trap perspiration and themselves become a cause of friction.

If you adopt these few simple rules, soon your hands will be up to even the grandest of landscape designs – and the arduous tasks that are involved in making them a reality.

As with any other health issue, if the onset of your dermatitis is sudden, or is extensive, or is accompanied by other symptoms, seek immediate advice from your doctor.